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Simply retrofitting TSN with Anybus communication modules

by Michael Volz | Jul 23, 2018

As an alternative to in-house development of a communication interface that enables TSN capability, the Anybus communication modules from HMS can be used. The Anybus modules are ready-to-use embedded bus interfaces for automation devices. They are equipped with all the hardware and software functions of a powerful communication interface. Anybus modules are available for all common fieldbus and industrial Ethernet protocols. HMS is in the process of developing new modules with TSN integration. The big advantage of the Anybus modules is that they can be interchanged. HMS achieves this by using a uniform hardware and software interface between the module and the device electronics, independently of the relevant bus protocol.  As a result, automation devices with an Anybus slot are easy to retrofit with new technologies such as TSN simply by exchanging the Anybus module.  


Save up to 70% development costs




The Anybus modules are standardised, not only in terms of mechanics, but also as far as hardware and software is concerned. Devices with an Anybus slot can utilise the entire spectrum of available modules, which then allows for a connection to almost all industrial networks. Using the Anybus modules reduces the cost for developing a universal communication interface by up to 70%. In addition, there is also a significant reduction in development time, development risk and time-to-market.


Hightech in 3 versions 


Anybus modules are available in three form factors: module, brick and chip. Device manufacturers benefit most from using the pre-finished, encapsulated communication modules. This module incorporates the entire hardware and software for the communication interface plus a network connector in a plastic housing. It is designed as a plug-in module which is placed in the appropriate slot in the automation device. For developers, the bricks allow for a higher degree of freedom in the selection of network connectors and the positioning of the communication interface.




Manufacturers that produce devices in large quantities and therefore often forego modularity can licence the Anybus technology in chip form together with software stacks, and in this way seamlessly integrate the Anybus core technology in their device electronics. HMS’s Solution Centers can also tailor the technology according to individual customer needs. HMS´s Technical Services experts provide support for manufacturers in the implementation of the Anybus technology on request.


Ready for the factory of tomorrow

Device manufacturers can count on a flexible and future-oriented solution when using the Anybus technology. With more than 5 million modules sold, the Anybus technology has reached a high level of maturity and proven its future viability. HMS is continuously enhancing the product line. Modules with OPC UA and MQTT support are already available. Modules with TSN integration will soon be added to the module family – once all specification work by IEEE, the PNO, ODVA and ETG has been completed. With HMS as their technology partner, device manufacturers are ready for the factory of tomorrow.


Learn more about Anybus Communication Modules here:

Anybus CompactCom

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