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Meet Josh Pearl, HMS Networks Solution Manager

by Julia Sheridan | Jan 29, 2018


As eWON Solution Manager for HMS Networks, Josh Pearl bridges the gap between the local sales & marketing and the global product team. He helps enable the teams to achieve success with eWON solutions, and carry market feedback to the eWON product team.


What does HMS mean to you?

HMS is a team of people who work hard to simplify industrial device connectivity for our customers. We take care of the communication details, so our customers can focus on the “bread and butter” of their application.


What path did your career take up to your position as Solutions Manager?

I started as a developer, transitioned into FAE, then to sales, and eventually into managing the US engineering and tech services team. I had a short departure from HMS, and returned to as Solution Manager for the eWON product line.


What is your favorite experience you have had so far working as a Solutions Manager at HMS?

I recently attended the eWON Winter Camp, which is an internal meeting where the whole eWON team comes together to discuss improvements and plans for all business disciplines.


What is your No. 1 priority when you come into work?

Collaborating with my colleagues to improve our features and positioning in the market.


How would you describe the atmosphere at HMS Industrial Networks?

HMS is a relaxed working environment which wraps a dedicated and passionate spirit for our customers and products.


How would you describe the eWON Products of HMS?

eWON products are class leading devices offering secure and easy-to-use remote connectivity solutions for industrial applications.


What is your favorite part about your position at HMS?

My favorite part is the opportunity to constantly work with customers, sales partners, technical partners, and a wide range of HMS colleagues. It is a great pleasure to interact with so many people on a regular basis.


If you could eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I have a soft spot for German food, so it would be: käsespätzle, schnitzel, Hefeweazin, and chocolate ice cream!


What trends are you seeing currently in Industrial Communication?

It is an exciting time as end users gain the same level of connectivity and abstraction that we all experience with our personal mobile devices.


According to your Linkedin profile you have a wide experience in engineering, what sparked your initial interest in that field?

My lifelong interest in motorsports drove me to become an engineer. I was very interested in mechanical and electrical engineering, but eventually decided on electrical engineering thanks to the car stereo habit I had at the time.


What advice would you give someone who is entering engineering?

Engage in laboratory work & extracurricular projects outside the classroom, and don’t forget about the liberal arts. Hands-on technical accomplishments and a broad scope of studying will compound the skills you gain in your engineering coursework after college.


Thank you Josh for your time. We have one last question for you, what is the best lesson you have learned so far?

The best lesson I have learned is to deeply engage with our customers to understand their challenges, empathize with their situation, and present a straightforward solution.


Connect with Josh Pearl on Linkedin

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