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Remotely Monitoring Variable Frequency Drives

by Anders Stålheden | May 08, 2017

Variable frequency drives, especially large drives, are often critical control components for a process or manufacturing operation.

Drives are also often subject to many detrimental external influences, including environmental damage, power quality disturbances, and application abuse. To keep an eye on these external conditions and minimize downtime, companies are turning to a solution that incorporates remote monitoring.  

An HMS edge gateway can connect to a  drive via Modbus or EtherNet/IP connectivity and sends data to a cloud-based service. This can include Netbiter Argos or other third party clouds like AzureThingWorx or AWS to name a few. Users can logon to access information about their drives and get alarm notifications whenever certain thresholds are reached 

24x7 monitoring 

With an HMS edge gateways connected to a drive and sending data to the cloud, companies can monitor customers’ drives 24x7, looking for issues that might cause downtime now or in the future. It is also possible to help customers troubleshoot drives, wherever they are, if a problem occurs. By using the HMS edge gateway functionality called “Remote Access”  Support Engineers can also configure and program the drives as if they were on site. 

Access to information means less downtime 

By continuously collecting and pushing data to the cloud, drive performance can be viewed and analyzed. Standard dashboards and preconfigured trend graphs and reports are available to show near real-time and historical performance of the drives. Companies can also build more robust dashboard analytics into the application to predict future issues with the drives. This makes it possible to spot potential problems even before they occur. 

Improved offering 

By using a remote monitoring gateway, companies can offer improved services for their customers. As long as the drive is connected to the internet, companies and their customers should be able to see the operations of a drive at any moment, regardless of location.  

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Stay up to date with the latest technical developments and trends within industrial communication and IoT
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