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Stay up to date with the latest technical developments and trends within industrial communication and IoT.

Get the latest within industrial communication and IoT

Stay up to date with the latest technical developments and trends within industrial communication and IoT.

By Dr. Jens Jakobsen

5 Questions on 5G In The Factory

Dr. Jens Jakobsen, HMS Labs Development Manager at HMS, discusses the benefits of 5G in the factory and what it will mean for the future.
By Jason Block

Industrial Ethernet Rings Profinet MRP and MRPD

In the second part of our series we will discuss the technologies supported on PROFINet® for creating high availability machine networks.
By HMS Staff Writers

7 International trends in the Industrial Internet of Things in 2019

Our global staff has comprised a list of trends we predict will continue into 2019 in regards to the Industrial Internet of Things.
By Jason Block and Ian Tracy

EtherNet/IP™ using Device Level Ring

In the first part of our Industrial Ethernet Rings series, we will discuss the use of Device Level Ring in conjunction with EtherNet/IP™.

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  • A Brief History of the Controller Area Network (CAN)

    by Jason Block and Rob Lodesky | Feb 09, 2018
    After the introduction of electronic control units (ECUs) in automobiles, it quickly became apparent that there was a need for a synchronization of all processes through a controlled data exchange between the devices. Through this need, the Controller Area Network was born, read through the full history now.
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  • Leveraging Ongoing Reliability Testing to verify ALT or HALT

    by Tom McKinney | Feb 05, 2018
    Accelerated Life Testing is used to screen for early defects or model long-term failures. Some systems are too complex to rely solely on ALT, resulting in ALT being performed in conjuncture with Ongoing Reliability Testing. Read how this combined testing is so critical and how to enable them in the field.
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  • 3 Communications Takeaways from DistribuTech 2018

    by Tom McKinney | Jan 30, 2018
    This year's DistribuTech was the largest to date, filled with exhibitors and attendees talking about the latest topics in regard to communications. Read through some of the best case studies that were presented this year on remote management.
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  • Meet Josh Pearl, HMS Networks Solution Manager

    by Julia Sheridan | Jan 29, 2018
    As eWON Solution Manager for HMS Networks, Josh Pearl bridges the gap between the local sales & marketing and the global product team. He helps enable the teams to achieve success with eWON solutions, and carry market feedback to the eWON product team.
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  • Meet Jason Block, HMS Networks Solution Manager

    by Julia Sheridan | Jan 29, 2018
    As Solution Manager for HMS Networks, Jason Block helps HMS customers and distributors enable IIoT by solving challenging applications for network interconnectivity and remote management using our Anybus, IXXAT, and eWON product lines. With over 20 years of experience, he brings value to customers as an analytical, consultative sales professional.
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  • How is IoT data being leveraged today to improve quality in the commercial or industrial market?

    by Tom McKinney | Jan 26, 2018
    Every company is concerned about quality; making sure their products are reliable and constantly being improved. The leading companies are leveraging automated systems and IoT data to do this faster, accurately, and at a whole new level. Read more now.
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  • Why Automation Gateways Matter

    by Jason Block | Jan 17, 2018
    Industrial IoT (IIoT)…Industry 4.0…Cloud Computing… Big Data…OEE…These are the hot-button subjects occupying decision makers to find how information can help them make better internal business decisions and better service their customers.  With the introduction of automation gateways users can collect machine and process data, perform analytics and filtering, then provide connectivity and transportation of data into information-based applications. Read why this access to information is changing Industrial Automation and is so important.
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