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Stay up to date with the latest technical developments and trends within industrial communication and IoT.

HMS industrial IoT blog

Get the latest within industrial communication and IoT

Stay up to date with the latest technical developments and trends within industrial communication and IoT.

By Dr. Jens Jakobsen

5 Questions on 5G In The Factory

Dr. Jens Jakobsen, HMS Labs Development Manager at HMS, discusses the benefits of 5G in the factory and what it will mean for the future.
By Jason Block

Industrial Ethernet Rings Profinet MRP and MRPD

In the second part of our series we will discuss the technologies supported on PROFINet® for creating high availability machine networks.
By HMS Staff Writers

7 International trends in the Industrial Internet of Things in 2019

Our global staff has comprised a list of trends we predict will continue into 2019 in regards to the Industrial Internet of Things.
By Jason Block and Ian Tracy

EtherNet/IP™ using Device Level Ring

In the first part of our Industrial Ethernet Rings series, we will discuss the use of Device Level Ring in conjunction with EtherNet/IP™.

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  • Solution Partner Spotlight- Scante

    by Josh Pearl and Tom McKinney | Mar 28, 2018
    How can we integrate IIoT data with all the other resources we need for a fully integrated customer experience? In this month's Solution Partner Spotlight, we shined the light on HMS Industrial Networks collaboration with Scante and their customized SaaS platform, IoT/CX. Learn more about Scante now!
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  • How to choose your Fleet Management Backbone

    by Rob Lodesky | Mar 28, 2018
    Forklift manufacturers have been using big data to assist their customer's bottom line. Edge gateways allow them to collect data and send it to on-premises or cloud servers. Learn what you should be aware of when choosing your fleet management backbone.
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  • Wireless Practices for Industrial Applications: Part 2

    by Jason Block | Mar 22, 2018
    In the first part of this series, we focused on how network performance affected a wireless application. Continuing our best wireless practices for industrial application series we will focus on signal integrity. Read Part 2 now.
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  • Wireless Practices for Industrial Applications: Part 1

    by Jason Block | Mar 20, 2018
    Currently, wireless technologies are used in a relative small (6%) but rapidly growing (32%) share of industrial communication applications based on 2017 figures. In this two part series discover some of the best practices for enabling wireless technologies for Industrial Applications. Read Part 1 now...
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  • The Importance of Cleaning Time Series Data

    by Tom McKinney | Mar 19, 2018
    If you poll 100 data scientists and ask what they spend most of their time doing, 99% will respond with cleaning data. Some simple steps can be taken when capturing data to simplify the process of cleaning the information, reducing the time and cost of analysis. Read the full article...
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  • Enable IIoT Readiness in Your Machine

    by Josh Pearl and Julia Sheridan | Mar 07, 2018
    As more and more machine builders implement remote access solutions, it becomes clear that the next step in functionality is to implement remote data services. See our latest infographic on how the eWON Flexy allows machine builders to equip their system with remote access capabilities and make the system IIoT ready!
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  • Open Telematics Solution Demonstration

    by Tom McKinney and Ian Tracy | Mar 06, 2018
    HMS Industrial Networks in conjunction with Dell, demonstrated an open telematics platform at the Truckload Carriers Association this year. Read more about the demonstration and contact us to schedule a demo.
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