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Stay up to date with the latest technical developments and trends within industrial communication and IoT.

Get the latest within industrial communication and IoT

Stay up to date with the latest technical developments and trends within industrial communication and IoT.

By Dr. Jens Jakobsen

5 Questions on 5G In The Factory

Dr. Jens Jakobsen, HMS Labs Development Manager at HMS, discusses the benefits of 5G in the factory and what it will mean for the future.
By Jason Block

Industrial Ethernet Rings Profinet MRP and MRPD

In the second part of our series we will discuss the technologies supported on PROFINet® for creating high availability machine networks.
By HMS Staff Writers

7 International trends in the Industrial Internet of Things in 2019

Our global staff has comprised a list of trends we predict will continue into 2019 in regards to the Industrial Internet of Things.
By Jason Block and Ian Tracy

EtherNet/IP™ using Device Level Ring

In the first part of our Industrial Ethernet Rings series, we will discuss the use of Device Level Ring in conjunction with EtherNet/IP™.

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  • How is the Industrial Internet of Things Impacting the Food Industry?

    by Julia Sheridan and Jason Block | Aug 14, 2018
    The Industrial Internet of Things is the capturing of information from industrial devices and then making them available to IT systems. This information is processed in real time to generate updated data throughout the manufacturing process. With IIoT, leading food companies can regulate temperature, track products throughout the supply chain, and minimize delays. How is the internet of things impacting the food industry, read the full article to learn more!
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  • Simply retrofitting TSN with Anybus communication modules

    by Michael Volz | Jul 23, 2018
    As an alternative to in-house development of a communication interface that enables TSN capability, the Anybus communication modules from HMS can be used. Automation devices with an Anybus slot are easy to retrofit with new technologies such as TSN simply by exchanging the module. Read the full article now!
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  • TSN Integration using Profinet as an example

    by Michael Volz | Jul 19, 2018
    The Profibus User Organisation (PNO) was quick to understand the significance of TSN as a future real-time Ethernet standard and can benefit from the advantages of TSN without changing the Profinet core functions during the transmission of process, alarm and diagnostic data. Read the full article now!
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  • Simply retrofitting TSN

    by Michael Volz | Jul 16, 2018
    TSN (Time Sensitive Networks) will soon become the new base technology for real-time communication and play a significant role in automation technology. For device manufacturers, the challenge of adapting the interface in their automation devices can be solved with ready-to-use embedded solutions from Anybus. Read the full article now!
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  • Communication Solutions For The Factory of The Future: Part 3

    by Michael Volz | Jun 28, 2018
    While cloud communication solutions are today often directly integrated into new plants (greenfield), many existing plants (brownfield) will have to be retrofitted with the solution in the coming years. With products such as eWON Flexy and Anybus CompactCom, solutions are possible! Read more in the final part of our "Factory of the Future" series.
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  • The Key to Industry 4.0- Takeaways from SPF Americas 2018

    by Julia Sheridan | Jun 28, 2018
    At this year's 2018 Sustainable Performance Forum in Chicago over 500 professionals came together to discuss how to create groundbreaking innovations that can impact the world. Read through our take away's on the key to Industry 4.0!
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  • Communication Solutions For The Factory of the Future: Part 2

    by Michael Volz | Jun 25, 2018
    Cloud communication has a wide range of preconceptions and hurdles - but waiting to adapt this technology early can have consequences. Finding a suitable communication solution for your needs is easier than you think! In our second part of the Factory of the Future series, we answer the question : Is secure really secure? Read the full article now!
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