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Adjustment of previously reported information

by User Not Found | Sep 18, 2014

During an internal review the order intake reported during the first half year of has been found incorrectly reported with 11 %.

After the internal control and the necessary adjustments the order intake has been adjusted as described below.



6 months





Reported order intake

167 453

170 326

337 779

Adjusted order intake

147 705

152 888

300 593


19 748

17 438

37 186





Reported growth in order intake




Adjusted growth in order intake




Adjusted book to bill








Net sales (unchanged)

139 127

141 451

280 578

Growth in net sales (unchanged)




The reason behind the incorrectly reported information is that changes in internal processes at the beginning of 2014 were, on a group level, not correctly collected and consolidated when summarizing information from the subsidiaries.

“Reporting incorrect order intake during the first two quarters is extremely unfortunate. We have internally made the necessary changes to make sure we communicate the correct information going forward. During our internal review we have not found any other errors in the reported figures. It is our assessment that this adjustment of the reported order intake will have no effect on the general market outlook previously communicated in our half year report”, says Staffan Dahlström CEO HMS Networks AB

For more information please contact:
CFO HMS Networks AB Gunnar Högberg, telephone: +46-35 17 29 95
CEO HMS Networks AB Staffan Dahlström, telephone: +46-35 17 29 01

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