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Water and Wastewater 

As global populations expand, water becomes ever more valuable as a natural resource.  It is critical for communities to more effectively manage their fresh water supply and safely process wastewater, often with fewer financial resources at their disposal. 

The ability to connect and manage remote pumping and treatment systems is crucial to managing the water supply. This can most effectively be implemented through the use of various wireless and wired network technologies.


Application: Remotely Manage Lift Stations 

Lift stations are a critical piece of a community’s wastewater treatment infrastructure allowing sewage to be effectively transported over uneven terrain to primary treatment plants. One of the biggest challenges to maintaining high availability of these critical assets is the remote distribution of installations.  IIoT edge gateways supporting multiple means of connectivity enable efficient management of remote lift stations. 

Solution: Remote Network and Wireless solution

HMS enables SCADA connectivity to these remote resources through the Ewon family of Remote Networks and Remote Data products.

Additionally, Anybus® brand wireless and communication gateway solutions from HMS enhance network connectivity for critical instrumentation and plant equipment.

Lift Station Application Example

IOT Lift Station


Improved Diagnostics and Service 

Maintenance personnel utilizing remote access edge gateways can from any location update, troubleshoot and capture diagnostics from intelligent lift station controls. Cloud-based services that manage the connectivity reduce the need for expensive infrastructure needed to integrate into existing networks.


Increased System Visibility

IIoT edge gateways in combination with cloud-based applications allow for increased visualization of remote lift stations, as information can be presented in a manner that is platform independent. Critical events such as system alarms can be managed through these applications and communicated immediately to resources responsible for handling responses.


Save Time and Money

Simple to use edge gateways combined with platform independent applications allows for manual processes to become automated, enabling maintenance resources to be more efficiently managed.


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