5G for Mobile Robotics - Scaling for the Future

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Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) or Industry 4.0. promotes the computerization of the manufacturing industry where communication and IT systems automate production in a smart way creating connected intelligent factories. Smart factories are characterized by higher flexibility, efficiency and productivity as a result of adaptability, resource optimizations and human-machine interaction.

The demand for higher customization and individualized products in manufacturing are also driving the Industry 4.0 initiative. The ultimate goal is mass production of single units meaning that single customized units can be produced just as efficient as traditional mass production.

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Application: The Connected PLC

PLC’s are the workhorses of industrial automation.  A factory floor has moving conveyor belts, actuators, valves, all controlled, in some form by a PLC.  As industrial automation becomes smarter, data acquisition plays an important role to develop real time dashboards, analytics, and remote connectivity.

Solution: PLC Remote Access 

Connecting a controller or PLC to an HMS VPN router such as the Ewon Cosy enables secure, remote access from anywhere in the world, without needing to change firewall settings. This provides the end user and machine builder with reduced maintenance costs, improved support response times, increased productivity, and better reliability.

Ewon Cosy incorporates the Talk2M cloud platform where you can directly access your PLC data for configuration, troubleshooting or maintenance.

The Connected PLC Application Example

Manufacturing IoT


Maximize Uptime 

Utilize real-time monitoring of temperature, pressure, volume etc to view operational status of your machine on your mobile device. Determine the true mean time to failure (MTTF) of your machine using remote diagnostics and alarming to eliminate downtime and reduce unnecessary service trips. 


Save Resources

Quickly implement a secure, scalable remote solution without using IT resources and money.  With the eWON Cosy, reduce the amount of onsite travel by troubleshooting your PLC remotely. 


Multi-network Connectivity

eWON Cosy offers Ethernet and Serial PLC connectivity and are designed to work with a variety of PLC manufacturers including, Rockwell Automation, Siemens, Mitsubishi Electric, Schneider Electric and more. 


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Application: The Automated Warehouse

Warehouses and distribution centers are seeing greater and greater increases in automation for more accurate order fulfillment, faster inventory turnover and more effective use of warehouse space.

Solution: Wireless access and remote connectivity 

The Automated Warehouse Application Example


Maintain High Equipment Availability

Maintenance personnel using remote access can troubleshoot and capture diagnostics from automated material handling equipment. Cloud-based services that manage the connectivity reduce the need for expensive infrastructure needed to integrate into existing networks.

Increased System Visibility

IIoT edge gateways increase visualization of automated warehouses, as information can be presented transparently across multiple platforms including computers and mobile devices. Data from automated equipment can be more effectively adapted to information models.

Save Time and Money

Simple to use edge gateways combined with platform independent applications allow for manual processes to become automated, enabling faster inventory turnover and delivery at lower costs.

Automated Material Handling

Why You Need Edge Analytics

 Reduce machine failure by taking advantage of Edge Analytics. Download our Whitepaper Below:


In order to fully realize the benefits that automation brings to warehouse operations, maximizing the uptime of these systems and anticipating potential issues will be critical. Identifying key points of failure and applying predictive maintenance models will be at the core of insuring maximum machine productivity.