IoT Solutions for Transportation

The Industrial Internet of Things is helping logistics and transport operators reduce costs and improve services. Explore how HMS' solutions can help


Industrial IoT within transportation is enabling road, rail, air and shipping manufacturers, together with fleet management enterprises, to communicate with their technicians (drivers) anytime, anywhere, allowing them to be proactive with in-field repairs, maintenance, etc.

Advances in mobile and wireless technologies are dramatically improving the way transportation and logistics businesses operate and use data. For example, connect an industrial vehicle to the Internet to leverage real-time data for optimized performance and monitoring of your fleet. 


Application: IoT for Recreational Vehicles

IoT is critical for manufacturers of recreational vehicles such as snowmobiles, jet skis and off-road vehicles to provide both an enhanced user experience to their customers using mobile devices, and improved diagnostics to their service personnel. The common challenge in achieving this is providing connectivity between the vehicle networks and the available network interfaces on PC and mobile platforms.

Solution: Wireless Edge gateway - Ixxat CANblue 

HMS edge gateways support network connectivity to various protocols, including CAN, Modbus and EtherNet/IP allowing operators to gather information on the whereabouts of their fleet and motor controls. The Ixxat CANblue gateway also provide connectivity between a remote vehicle network's and the available network interfaces on PC and mobile platforms.   

Recreational Vehicle Application Example

Recreational Vehicle IOT application


Improved Diagnostics

Simplify connectivity between diagnostic PC applications and native vehicle networks enabling service personnel and dealers to easily trouble shoot key operating components on the vehicle and optimize overall performance of the vehicle.  Track status of importance maintenance tasks through the cloud, limiting the amount of unscheduled onsite maintenance 


Enhanced User Experience

Provide users with convenient service notifications and operational data of vehicles (fuel level, battery life,etc.) via wireless connectivity to multiple mobile platforms. View reports on utilization and productivity on an individual vehicle or an entire fleet.  


Save Time and Money

Simple to use, cost effective interface for vehicle connectivity enables greater value for customers and service providers. Minimize inoperable vehicles, create work orders and track maintenance costs online. 


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