Enable secure embedded connectivity

Get Secure Industrial Ethernet and IIoT without using stacks

How to get Secure Industrial Ethernet and IIoT without using stacks

The connection between industrial networks and ICT, and the growth of IIoT, increases the challenges for developers, requiring them to combine several networks and find security solutions for their embedded devices.

This webinar shows how all networking tasks can be integrated into a single embedded solution. It focuses on security, efficiency and cost reduction, all possible when implementing industrial networks in embedded solutions.

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Date: Thursday 20th May 
Time: 9.30 BST | 10.30 CET | 13.30 GST
Duration: 60 Minutes

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The need for cybersecurity in industrial applications


Data Sheet

The Anybus CompactCom IIot Secure for PROFINET IRT
or EtherNet/IP



Learn how to embed an Anybus CompactCom into your product.

Anybus CompactCom

  • Complete network interface modules, in different form factors
  • Seamless network integration, CompactCom takes cares of all communications
  • Multi network-protocol support within one development
  • Fully certified by all standards, works with all PLC’s or Master Controllers
  • Available for PROFINET IRT, Ethernet/IP, EtherCAT, Powerlink, Modbus, PROFIBUS, CANopen and many more…
  • Comes with full documentation and technical support


Anybus CompactCom IIoT Secure


OPC UA and MQTT encrypted 
Encrypt, Authenticate and Authorize your IIoT connectivity



Assistance with initial project scope definition



Free ‘Teams’ based consultations with an Anybus ‘Field Application Engineer’ to discuss all aspect of the development


During project

Free direct access by support tool to our expert support engineers and development team



We offer support by our experts (chargeable) to reduce certification test failures and re-testing costs

Choose the form factor that suites you needs

Module M40


Complete module with connectors


  • All-in-one: Hard-, software and connectors
  • Simply select the network of choice
  • Slide-in into a module slot
  • Optional, by installing afterwards
  • User installable as after-sale option

Brick B40


PCB for piggy-back assembly 


  • Hard- and software in a compact form
  • Economical solution
  • Select the connectors of choice with the desired protection class
  • Support all ethernet variants with one solution
  • Optional during device assembly

Chip C40


Full Integrated solution


  • Optimal for high-volume applications
  • Very compact design-in
  • Full design freedom
  • Comes with tested reference design
  • Support all ethernet variants with one solution

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