Webinar Series: All you need to get started with Industry 4.0 - Secure remote access

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Secure Remote Diagnostic to PLC

Date : 11th September 2019

Time : 10.00 CET

According analysis carried out by the ARC Advisory Group, up to 63% of maintenance work on a machine is routine or no problem was found. Meanwhile, the cost per hour of inactivity in some factories, such as food processing or automobile assembly, the average cost for downtime is more than € 1M.

Telecommunications and modern Internet technologies enable today remote connectivity to machines or control cabinets to configure intelligent devices, such as PLCs, HMIs, servos, and robots. With reliable connectivity, engineers can perform accurate diagnostics and, in most case, bringing back production without unnecessary travel. This results in significant costs reduction and improvement level of factory productivity.

During this Webinar, you will learn:

  • How to establish a Secure Connection with a PLC
  • IT Security & best practices to gain customer IT acceptance
  • Success Stories of Machine Builders & System Integrators



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Presented by HMS and VAN Egmond