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Webinar language: English


Webinar language: English


Webinar language: English

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IoT for machine manufacturers: Take a pragmatic approach!

The webinar will explain how companies can implement new IoT concepts even with few resources and why services related to remote management and data monitoring play a central role. From the perspective of HMS Networks, remote management is the first step towards IoT. Building on this, companies can offer other services that enable data-based business models and provide added value to their own customers. In this webinar, Thierry Bieber will explain in detail how IoT and digitization can succeed if you approach the topic pragmatically.

In this webinar we focus on:

  • How you can specifically approach an IoT concept
  • What role remote management and data monitoring play in IoT projects



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Connected solutions for standalone machines: a journey to digital transformation

In the current period, the industry sector is not immune to the difficulties that other companies in various sectors may encounter. The digital transformation of these market players is a necessity to face the economic and health crisis but also one of the keys to the success of these companies in the long run. The media, governments, public organizations and NGOs are urging these players to move towards Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things and all kinds of connected solutions. But what do these solutions entail? How do they work and what are the benefits for these companies?

In this webinar we will go through:

  • The reasons why you should adopt an IIoT/M2M strategy for your business
  • The most effective industrial solutions for your standalone machines
  • How the White Label service can boost the launch of new services under your own brand
  • Examples of many use cases for every business need
  • Additional information on the provided solutions: Kheiron/HMS

Julien Dalmasso, CEO of IoThink Solutions and Kristof Brouwers, Sales Manager of ARCsom will show you how, thanks to the IoT platform Kheiron and the industrial solutions of HMS, you can succeed in the digital transformation of your company and connect all your machines. Learn how to benefit from the best of the IoT & M2M assets to keep on focusing on your core business, save valuable time and precious resources.

PRESENTER: Julien Dalmasso (IoThink Solutions)
                       Horst Lange (HMS Networks)

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Retrofit: Intelligent connection and networking
to IIOT in mechanical engineering - an out-of-the-box solution

Retrofit is about how existing production facilities can be modernised without the costs getting out of hand and at the same time meeting a high degree of digitalisation. Plants can be updated and networked to enable remote access and predictive maintenance, for example.

This webinar will focus in particular on:

  • Collection and contextualisation of production data as a basis for a digital infrastructure
  • Sensor data - difficulties of contextualisation and solution for the acquisition of complex Time Series Data (e.g. vibration data or pump flow)
  • Central connection of production data and PLCs of new and old production plants/machines to suppliers and end customers of the machine manufacturer via VPN/RemoteAccess/RemoteData Solutions
  • Internet availability and buffering of data and security aspects
  • Implementation in the IT/OT interface and integration in business applications
  • Pactical example of implementation (brownfield plants)  

Presenter: Hans Otto Weinhold (OSIsoft Europe GmbH)
                       HORST LANGE (HMS NETWORKS)


Learn from the experts!

Referent Thierry_HMS

Thierry Bieber is Industry Segment Manager by HMS Industrial Networks, responsible for the business development of the HMS industrial communication and IIoT solutions in the Industrial Automation market. Thierry has 19 years of technical and market experience in industrial communication and machine infrastructures applications as well as participations with various standardization organization like PROFINET International, ODVA, VDMA, ZVEI.




Julien Dalmasso

Julien Dalmasso is the CEO and one of IoThink Solutions’ founders, a software editor specialized in IoT/M2M platforms and connected solutions. Before the creation of IoThink, Julien worked for 12 years as an IT engineer (with expertise in embedded systems) for CIAT and Carrier( HVAC and machinery experts). Originally from the south of France, Julien studied at the University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis and has a master degree in technology, electrical engineering and industrial computer science.

Referent HMS_HOLA

Horst Lange Manager IIoT Strategy & Alliances Continental Europe at HMS Industrial Networks. He is responsible for the implementation of the Solution Partner strategy and supports the HMS Solution Partners within the Market Unit Continental Europe. He advises and supports joint projects in the context of Industry 4.0 scenarios. After graduating from the University of Applied Science in Stuttgart with a degree of Master in Computer Science, he gained 15 years of experience working for US high-tech companies in the areas of support, technical pre-sales, sales, business development and management in Europe. Horst has been promoting IIoT solutions for over 10 years, primarily in the Industrial Automation sector.


Kristof Brouwers

Kristof Brouwers is Sales Manager at ARCsom Automation. He has more than 15 years of experience as a sales engineer on the Belgian market including the HMS (Ewon) products. Today he is the responsible Integrator and distributor of the Kheiron Service Platform for the Benelux. He has broad expertise in the integration of Industrial IoT projects with Ewon and Kheiron SP. 

Referent OSI_HO
Hans-Otto Weinhold joined OSIsoft in September in 2004 from the University of Applied Sciences in Wismar as Product Support Engineer. He holds a diploma in "Multimeda Technoligy" (a mixture of Informatics and Electrical Engineering). After starting as a Product Support Engineer, he covered different positions inside OSIsoft Europe GmbH in Altenstadt and the Frankfurt office such as Field Service, After Sales, Operations, Systems Engineering (Pre-Sales) and Partner Solutions architect. He is working a lot of his time with major partners in EMEA (i.e. HMS, ABB, Emerson, SAP, Werum, Steag) to define proper architectures of applications around the PI System Infrastructure. In 2018, Hans Otto moved to the Business Development organization at OSIsoft as a Solutions Advisor and is now responsible for technical market incubation of OSIsoft’s new Edge and Cloud products.

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