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Join us in our IIoT webinar month! Listen and ask our HMS experts about the latest trends in the world of automation and IIoT.


TechTalks from HMS Networks

We all could do with the latest information about what is happening in the world of automation and IIoT. Our IIoT webinar month gives you the opportunity to listen to our experts when they do a short presentation on everything from Building Automation, CAN Technology to 5G. After each webinar our experts will also be able to answer your questions. Take the chance and register to our webinars below and broaden your knowledge about IIoT.

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Date: 7 April, 10 AM (CET)     Duration: 30 min


AI technology can enable smarter operation of our machines and devices and introduce new methods to improve up-time, predict and plan maintenance and make our industrial process more efficient . This webinar gives an overview of challenges and methods used for implementing AI within industrial automation as well as insights into the pilot projects performed by HMS that aims to bring AI algorithms to edge devices operating close to the industrial equipment.

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Date: 8 April, 10 AM (CET)      Duration: 30 min


During this webinar we will present the basic principles that makes cyber security a challenge for most companies. We will present how HMS works with its Ewon products and services, and how they are designed to mitigate these challenges. We will also present some best practices that you can apply to your projects and what you can do to minimize your risks. During the webinar we will also present an overview of the common security standards that discussed today. This webinar is intended for you as an end user or a machine builder who would like to get a fundamental but critical understanding of how to protect your and keep installations safe.

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Date: 15 April, 10 AM (CET)     Duration: 30 min


CAN technology has been around for more than 30 years and are still sufficient for many applications. But how can you make your CAN network future proof? Join us and we will show you how to get you CAN data into the Cloud. In addition we will also talk about how to tackle challenges in everyday use.

Listen and ask our HMS experts about the latest trends in the world of automation and IIoT.

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Date: 16 April, 10 AM (CET)     Duration: 30 min


Get ready for the next industrial revolution! 5G’s reliability, high capacity, wireless flexibility and low-latency makes it a strong candidate for connectivity in the factory of the future. What are the major benefits and what are the challenges to make this become a reality? 

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Date: 21 April, 10 AM (CET)     Duration: 30 min


Buildings are focused in serving people, and that people consumes a lot of resources. All the services a building provides can be automated and controlled to reduce the energy consumption. However, there are some challenges that arises during this process. In this webinar we will discuss about the small improvements we can do in buildings, to boost energy savings and promote eco-efficient installations. 

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Date: 23 April, 10 AM (CET)     Duration: 30 min


Wireless technologies, such as WLAN, Bluetooth and Cellular, are becoming increasingly adopted also in industrial applications. In our annual market analysis, we could see a growth of 30% when it comes to new installed wireless nodes within factory automation during 2019. Obviously, there are many advantages of wireless technologies, but there are also some considerations that you should be aware of before implementing. In this webinar, we will go through the pros and cons of various wireless technologies and help you find the most suitable solution for your specific application.

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Date: 28 April, 10 AM (CET)     Duration: 30 min


Drastic and quick changes in energy production and consumption are a challenge to power grids, as these have been designed for a more constant operation. To enable Power Grids to cope with this new situation, they must become Smart. Data communication is key for this – therefore many utilities update their equipment. However, the communication within the Power Grid elements such as substations or power plants is only one step: Smart Grids include industrial systems on producer and consumer side as well – and different communication systems need to be linked together. In this Webinar you will learn about the most common communication systems and how a global data-exchange can be realized.

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Date: 29 April, 10 AM (CET)     Duration: 30 min


If you think about it, Lighting is one of the largest networks in your building: you can find it in offices, meeting rooms, hallways, toilets, warehouses, factories…representing a significant percentage of your building´s energy balance and a day-to-day interaction with the people in your building. Learning how create an efficient lighting controls network and strategy will help to reduce energy waste and improve people´s moods when they use those spaces. During this webinar we will do a quick summary of the existing trends in lighting controls, as well as an introduction to one of the most used standards for lighting controls in Building Management Systems: DALI and it´s new version DALI-2.

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