Ewon Training in 60 Minutes!

Join us on April 6, 7 & 8 for a series of Remote Solution webinars. Refresh your knowledge or learn something new.
Remote Access - 6 April

6th April – 13:00 BST      Duration: 60 min


This webinar starts with a practical explanation of Remote Access on an Ewon gateway and what this technology is used for. Afterwards, Siobhan will go through the theory of Remote Access covering the main topics of Networks, VPN technology and IP addressing.

User interface - 7 April

7th April- 13:00 BST     Duration: 60 min


This webinar will give an explanation of the menu interface of the Ewon Flexy. Where can you find the most important settings, how is the interface structured and what can you do if things go wrong?

Controlling Remote Access - 8 April

8th April –13:00 BST     Duration: 60 min


In this webinar, Siobhan delves into the world of VPN and shows that a network can be fully managed via this technology. Which users are allowed to use which LAN devices? Then we will look at the powerful free Ewon M2Web monitoring tool and the Ewon eCatcher mobile app focussing on important use cases.

Register now for one or more webinars – it’s free to participate. Each session should last about an hour with time at the end for replies to any questions asked. Hope you will enjoy the webinars.


For further information please contact your sales representative. 

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Siobhan Chapman is Senior Technical Services Engineer working at the HMS office in the UK. She has been with HMS for 7 years and prior to that worked for specialist suppliers of networking solutions, real-time operating systems and embedded development tools. Siobhan is currently responsible for presenting the HMS Ewon and Anybus training courses in the UK as well as consulting on customer projects and technical support cases.


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