What sustainability means to us

Our vision is to enable industrial devices to communicate for a more productive and sustainable world. We combine growth and profitability ambitions with environmental and social responsibility.

Reliable, qualitative, and environmentally friendly

Quality is at the heart of the HMS offering. At the end of the day, it is the quality and functionality of our products that enable our business. We work according to the ISO 9001 certified quality system which fits well with the process-oriented organization at HMS.

HMS has been audited by leading automation companies such as Motoman Robotics, Sony, Pilz and ABB. These successful audits cover everything from product quality, delivery performance, general partnership, reaction time, logistics and technical support.

We currently have an on-time delivery rate of 98%. Field returns are less than 0,02%. These are good numbers, but we aim to improve.

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Our Quality Policy

"Continual improvements give satisfied customers and joy of work. Fulfilling customer requirements and continual improvements is a condition for satisfied customers.

Our company shall be characterized by working motivation were everybody can improve their competence and be proud."


A complete sustainability report is presented each year as an integrated part of the Annual Report The sustainability report has been prepared in accordance with GRI Standards, Core option, and in accordance with the provisions of chapters 6 and 7 of the Swedish Annual Accounts Act.

HMS and sustainability

HMS is aware of its social responsibility operating on a global basis. We are committed to ethical and legal business, environmental, human rights, and labor practices on a worldwide basis.

HMS Networks is a global company and operates in many countries. HMS builds its global operation on five core values (High five). These core values together with a respect towards our customers, colleagues, shareholders and suppliers, together with a concern for the society and the environment builds the foundation for the HMS way to perform its business.


Human rights

HMS respects the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We support and respect human rights in areas of our control. This means that HMS:

  • Does not accept child labor
  • Does not tolerate direct or indirect discrimination with regards to employment and occupation
  • Supports and respects the protection of internationally proclaimed rights
  • Does not use any form of forced or compulsory labor
  • Recognizes freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining


Our work environment policy

A good and safe working environment is an important strategic issue for HMS Industrial Networks. Our goal is to create a physically, mentally and socially healthy and stimulating workplace for all employees, where risks of workplace injuries and work-related ill health are minimized. All employees should be treated equally.


Our environmental policy

As a manufacturing company, HMS works to continually decrease the effect on the environment, both by making our own products as energy efficient as possible, but also by choosing environmentally smart ways of working. 

Download the full environmental policy at the bottom of the page.



The RoHS directive

The RoHS directive 2002/95/EC aims to decrease the risk for a discharge of substances harmful to life and environment. HMS standard products are RoHS compliant.

The new RoHS directive (2011/65 / EU), also known as RoHS II, came into effect on 2 January 2013. There are no new substances in the updated directive used by HMS, which means that HMS products are still RoHS compliant. The RoHS directive covers so-called EEEs (Electrical and Electronic Equipment), i.e. end products.

HMS Ewon products will be covered by RoHS II as of July 2017 (category 9) and other non-standard Gateway products within Anybus and IXXAT as of July 2019 (Category 11).


The WEEE Directive

At HMS Industrial Networks, we take full responsibility for our products, including disposal of electronic equipment when it is no longer usable. Therefore, we support and encourage the implementation of the European WEEE Directive (WEEE stands for Waste of Electronic and Electrical Equipment).

The purpose of this directive is to advocate sustainable production and consumption through reuse and recycling of electronic waste to contribute to a more efficient use of natural resources and secondary raw materials.

trashcanAll products that HMS supplies for installation at end customers (eg Anybus and Netbiter gateways) are covered by the WEEE Directive and are marked with the WEEE symbol (the crossed out thrash bin).

Learn more about the process of disposing products


The REACH regulation

REACH is an EU regulation on the safe use of chemicals that came into effect on 1 June 2007. REACH stands for Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals.

HMS products do not contain any of the banned substances defined in the REACH SVHC list in higher amounts than the specified limits.

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